god bless gordan ramsey 

Dude is only a dick to adults, awesome.

because, those adults should know what they’re doing, they’re cooks these are kids hes teaching to cook, therefore he is patient. 

gordon ramsey is one of my favorite people in the whole world ok

The only reason he gets so angry is because the people he’s yelling at claim to know what they are doing and are charging people accordingly. If you listen to why he’s actually angry more than half the time you’d realize you’d be furious too. This man is beyond patient and kind toward people in normal circumstances, but he is really serious about his profession and what should be demanded of it. He’s one of my favorite people too

But have you seen “Hotel Hell” tho.

There was an elderly couple on there who lost EVERYTHING and he bought them a FREAKING APARTMENT.

The guy has a huge heart, no kidding.

Gordan Ramsey is my favourite person in the entire world

it makes me angry when gordon ramsey is reduced to nothing more than “that angry chef guy who’s always screaming at someone.” i mean think about the people he’s yelling at. on hell’s kitchen, he’s giving those chefs a shot at winning their own 5 star restaurant, and there was a girl once who got kicked off the show, but he told her to go to culinary school, WHICH HE WOULD PERSONALLY PAY FOR, and come back for a later season. on kitchen nightmares, he is personally going into restaurants on the verge of bankruptcy, cutting through all the crap, and turning everything around so that the restaurant is on a path to success and all the employees are working harmoniously IN ABOUT A WEEK. yeah he yells a lot, but he only ever yells for good reason, and his reasons are always for the benefit of others. he has the biggest heart, but sometimes kindness is speaking softly and hugging it out, and sometimes kindness is telling someone they need to WAKE THE F UP!

i assumed he was angry mcshout shouts because I had no idea who he was and thats all i had ever known

Gordon Ramsey is an amazing person




So I’ve just finished Blood of Olympus.
It was a beautiful book. I love how all the relationships and characters evolved, especially Nico, and the whole everyone lived thing was great and Jason got glasses *swoon* ; but I do have a few complaints:
1) Why didn’t Percy and Annabeth have POVs?????…

koolkab96 pazevans14 kacymyth I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! Maybe if we all wish hard enough, he’ll write another book;) Until then, fanfiction away!;)

I know!


Years after BOO (Couples)

  • Percabeth: Percy owns a gymnasium and work as a life guard. Annabeth is an architect and she's the one who designed the gym. Also, they've married, and spent honeymoon on a luxurious cruise.
  • Solangelo: Will works as a surgeon while Nico is a student persuading a Forensic Science degree. They often share weird science jokes. They planned to have a simple wedding at CHB right after Nico graduates.
  • Frazel: Frank is a trainer at Percy's gymnasium while Hazel is still in college with her brother. Every time Frank came and visit Hazel would ask him to stand still so that she can measure his biceps.
  • Caleo: Calypso isn't an immortal anymore and she wants to be a cook. Leo is doing mechanical engineering. Their hostels nearby the cafe so they get to see each other and drinking coffee.
  • Jasper: Jason is a part-time trainer at gym and Roman Camp. Piper has a Mass Comm degree and works at PR firm. Whenever she's on business trip, Jason will fly with her. I mean, 'fly'. No one else at the plane notice him, thank god.